Fundraising Chair

1992 CatTail Buffet Mary Bernstein

& Performance of CATS

1993 Mobile Adoption Vehicle  Susie Cohn

1994 Black Tie & Tails: Bobette Lerner

“Gucci Poochy” Barbara Thompson

1995 Cookbook Susie Cohn

Low Fat/Low Calorie Bobette Lerner

1996 Black Tie & Tails Mary Caniglia

1997 Sylvia Barbara Thompson

1998 Black Tie & Tails Julie Hefflinger

“Friends Forver Bureau of Investigation” Mary Larsen

1999 Spring Luncheon Carole Christ

Jean Welch

2000 Black Tie & Tails Barbara Bohi

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Kathy Wilson

2001 Boutique Darlene Miller

Santa Paws” Cheryl Teser

2002 Black Tie & Tails Deb Grewcock

“Oh, the Places We Will Go”

2002 Santa Paws Howliday Boutique Polo Davis

Lisa Runco

2003 Calendar Terri Sortino

Friends for Life”

2004 Black Tie & Tails Alice Deffenbaugh

“Happy Tails to You” Linda Eldred

2004 Paws for a Picture Lisa Runco

Terri Sortino

2005 Paws for a Picture Barbara Mueksch

Terri Sortino

2005 Calendar Barbara Mueksch

“Friends for Life” Terri Sortino

2006 Black Tie & Tails Lisa Runco

“Diamonds in the Ruff” Terri Sortino

2007 eBay Pawfect Auctions Judy Thesing

2007 Yappy Hour Debbie Elson

Gail Klauschie

2008  Black Tie & Tails Michele Grewcock

“As the Shelter Turns” Loretta Patterson

2008 Lunch with Katz & Dogs Linda Cheatham

Karin Nilsson

2009 Dining with Dogs Wendi Law

Judy Thesing

2009 Purses 4 Paws Kathy Gross

Laurette Hess

2010 Black Tie & Tails Dawn Buchanan

“Waiting for Someone Like You” Lori Ecklebe

2010 Purses 4 Paws Nancy Hansen

Laurette Hess

2011 Dining with Dogs Charlene Edwards

Barbara Joannes

2011  Purses 4 Paws Wendi Law

Judy Thesing

2012 Black Tie & Tails Krystal Talha

Celebrating 20 Years”

2012  Purses 4 Paws Susie Knapp

Vanita Lund

2013 Dining with Dogs Marion Bendon

Debbie Slattery

2013 Purses 4 Paws Susie Knapp

Vanita Lund

2014 Black Tie & Tails Kim Long

"Forever Home" Lori Mitchell

Kathryn Schapper

2015 Dining with Dogs Diane Gartner

Marguerite McLeay

2015  Purses 4 Paws Susie Knapp

Vanita Lund

2016 Black Tie & Tails Jennifer Taylor

Melissa Murante

2017  Dining with Dogs Tina Nelson

Chelsey Scholz

2017  Purses 4 Paws Mandi Chaplin

Lisa Jackson

2018 Black Tie & Tails Chrissy Cacioppo

"Where Help Becomes Hope" Christine Olson

2019 Dining with Dogs Mandi Chaplin

Sara Olson

2020        Black Tie & Tails Nicole Moline 

Tina Nelson

2020 WhineFest Jennifer Taylor

2021 Dining with Dogs Krystal Talha

Jennifer Taylor

2021 WhineFest Jennifer Taylor

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